Description: The idea around this project is to find a way to help homeless people in Dublin, coping with a very cold weather during almost the entire year. The owner won the competition as the best non-profit idea in 2018, receiving a some money as sponsorship to start her venture and I felt I wanted to do my part giving her help.

Action: After one year using Google Sprint design methodology, helping non-profit organizations, I decided I could use my knowledge to help my friend with her own project. Having the always the mission in mind, thinking about all the stakeholders involved, focusing on a specific goal to step up with the knitting together idea, creating a Persona. And then Benchmarking, creating a sitemap, user journey and the concept of the visual design, I created the landing page she requested to reach more people who want to embrace the cause.
knitting1 knitting2 knitting3 knitting4

knitting5 knitting6 knitting7 knitting8